Dream Dollhouse – Part II : The Bedroom


Hi. Here is the second installment of the ‘Dream Dollhouse’ series, where I show you how I would decorate a dollhouse if I were to have one.

While I have never actually had a dollhouse, nor do I want one, I find it fun to decorate one virtually, using furnishings I have found for sale on ebay. So none of these photos were actually taken by me, although I have cropped, brightened and cleaned some up with Photoshop.

As mentioned in the first post where I showed you my dream dollhouse kitchen (here – Dream Dollhouse Kitchen), I seem to have expensive tastes in tiny furnishings, preferring the handmade one-of-a-kind vintage pieces over the current-day factory made ones. That said, I did come across a bedroom suite with the extreme asking price of $450 dollars but I passed it by finding it a bit too gaudy and prissy for my liking. I only mention it to give you a feel for how much some of these tiny things go for. I was so surprised and didn’t realize the extent that some collectors will go to make themselves the perfect lilliputian world.

But when I show you my dream dollhouse living room in a future post, I am going to include some very expensive items because they are amazing.

So in our bedroom, we must start with the obvious, a nice comfortable bed.

I found two nice sets that included bedside tables, and it’s a toss up. But including shipping costs, the one with the heart on it is $65 while the turquoise set is $25 so it seems the turquoise set is a better bargain.

Both sets need a new mattress so don’t really look all that comfortable as they are. I would have to keep looking for a mattress, and I guess a mattress is something you would want to have new anyway because who wants to sleep on a secondhand mattress?



There were these other beds that are also cute, and of course I would have to furnish a guest room, so we need more than one bed.

The antique brass one complete with a mini quilt and pillows could be mine for $300.

But the next one would do the trick, with it’s lovely complete set of linens, including a tiny quilt, 4 pillows, a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and a dust ruffle, all for a relatively inexpensive $70.



Can’t go wrong with an extra blanket and I thought this crocheted one was perfect. Being a crocheter myself I know the amount of work that went into making this little 7 inch wonder. No wonder it holds an asking price of $60.


One last bed that I can’t resist including is this one clad with a cozy hand knit blanket. Actually, only the blanket is for sale as the seller makes them herself.


It seems there is a market in making items for dollhouses, like these blankets. In fact, I was surprised to see that you can even buy printed fabrics and wall papers with the prints shrunk down in size, to be used specifically for such crafting. Who knew?

Moving onto some dressers and wardrobes.

I really love this first one, with its floral decal details. The best part is that on the bottom of it, written in pencil, is the name Lucy and the year 1921. I find it very enchanting to know that someone’s great great grandmother could have played with it.

This one is going for $20 + s&h, which seems very reasonable in the scheme of this dollhouse world where collectors seem to be willing to pay quite a bit for pieces they really want.


This next one is also very nice, and is listed as a real antique. I don’t have any true antique items in my home (I think something has to be more than 100 years old to be considered a real antique), but hey, I could have one in my dollhouse.


Here is a wardrobe which comes with cute little wooden hangers.


Now I have never had enough room for a dressing table in real life but have always thought having one would be neat. So why not have one in my dollhouse? Too bad the matching stool was lost along the way.


Over in the guest bedroom, I think this side table (below) would be perfect. It looks so much like the one we have in our guest bedroom that it freaks me out a bit. Except ours doesn’t have that bottom drawer, which now that I see it, I wish it did.


I thought I’d go with a quirky look in this room, and include this handmade dresser with a wooden inlay design. I love the tassel!

[Here would be a good time to mention that my fifth most viewed post of all time is one where I showed you how to make a tassel with a skein of embroidery floss. And the one I make in the tutorial is almost the same colour as the one on this cabinet. And it is currently hanging on the knob of a vintage cabinet! See it here if you’d like.]


Here’s another cute dresser that could go in this room.


And this wardrobe would go very nicely.


Finally let’s talk about the finishing touches.

My favourite find of the day is the lamp pictured at the very beginning of this post. Isn’t it wonderful? See those wires? Well, lo and behold, you can wire up your dollhouse and have the lights really turn on and off. Look, there is a little light bulb. With delivery costs it would cost me $130 but when a lamp is this perfect, who is looking at the price tag? (I am kidding.)


What else would a dream bedroom need?

An alarm clock would be handy.


And a bit of bedside reading?


How about something to deal with your morning bedhead?


And of course, a nice pair of comfortable slippers.


Thank you very much for taking a look. I hope your Tuesday is is good one.
xo loulou