Mini Collection : Majolica Style Pottery

One day Nick went to the corner store to buy milk and he came home with something extra. On the way he had passed a sweet elderly neighbour having a yard sale. He said that it was little more than a small table set up with a few items on it, one of which was this rather large ceramic pineapple tureen.

I happened to be looking out the window as he came up the sidewalk with it and recall the sight very fondly. He was carrying it so carefully and smiling as though thinking, “Wait until she sees this!”

Fast forward some years, and a few similar items have been added to what has become a little collection, including a second smaller pineapple.

When I first saw the big one I was reminded of the neatest salad bowl we had when I was growing up. It was a ceramic leaf shaped into a bowl and I loved it so. If I am correct, my mother had gotten it from her mother.

Research indicates that this style of pottery is called Majolica. I’m pretty certain that my pieces are all done in the style of Majolica and aren’t valuable like the real stuff is to serious collectors. But I have a feeling that my mother’s leaf bowl might actually be the real thing, though I know it has a chip in it, which is understandable since we used it frequently.

You might be wondering what motivated me to show you this collection today. Well, that man of mine went out to the store for milk and came home with a pineapple once again! This time it was a real one, which I am very happy about because it is a favorite of mine. When I set it beside the ceramic one I saw a picture in the making, so I got busy before I cut it open. And so this post was born!

Thanks for having a look.
xo loulou