A Postcard From the Past : New Years


UPDATE : New Year’s Eve leading to 2023 – See this postcard in this video featuring a “Happy New Year” themed display that I set up.  There are also some other vintage New Year’s postcards and greeting cards shown …


Happy New Year to you! Hope you spent the eve doing exactly what you wanted to do.

We went out to a fun party at one of our favourite bars, and of course, I got lots of pictures, which I will try to get up tomorrow. For today I shall keep my post short and sweet, sent to you with the sincere best wishes for 2013.


This postcard is the oldest piece in my vintage paper collection. It would be from the early 1900, a time when postcards took the place of today’s social networking sites.

While I collect vintage paper things, this is the only postcard I have (so far!). I got it from ebay a few years ago for $3, with the full intention of mailing it to someone but, in the end, could not let it go.

I love that it is New Years specific and includes the cutest of poems. It is all so cheerful!

cats-and-poem-on-vintage-New year postcard


xo loulou

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