Thrifting Treasures

When I visited my mom and dad a few weeks ago, my mother gave me this lovely thrifted gift of shot glasses, each being a different colour. They’ll be great for a patio Jagermeister party this summer!

My mother, sister and I have always enjoyed going to thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets together. So, on the Saturday afternoon of my recent visit, mom and I tried our luck at a few of the stores in her town, to see what we could find. It was either that or go to the casino, which we do every once in a while, but we decided that thrifting would cost less and would still reap that ‘feel-good’ sensation of winning!

Here’s what I got ..

(1) A vintage tea towel. It’s pure linen and perfectly faded and soft. A real score at $1.49
(2) A cute milk glass bowl with a handle, for 99 cents, mandarin oranges sold seperately!
(3) A couple of blue tinted custard bowls. Nick and I have been wanting to make cream caramel, and these are oven-safe glass so will be perfect for that.
(4) A chunky lucite necklace which will be perfect over brightly coloured tee-shirts this summer.
(5) The thrift score of the week-end and maybe even the year, this Le Sac crocheted handbag. It looks like it’s never been used and is just a perfect size! I wore it out this past Friday to the Toronto Fashion Week gala (lots of pictures coming soon!) and it was ideal, allowing me to bring my small camera with me, while still being dressy looking. It has a zipper under the flap so everything stayed safe while jumping into and out of taxis, is fully lined, has a little zippered pocket inside, and the shoulder strap was just the right length. Bonus: it set me back a whopping $2.00!

How about you? Any thrifting scores you’ve blogged about lately? Please leave me a link, ’cause I’d love to check them out.

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