Thrift Store Finds : Vintage Christmas

Greetings! I hope you’re doing as well as can be expected given that we’re all forced to have a minimal celebration this holiday season during the pandemic.

Even with months of lockdown this year, I managed to gather a nice collection of vintage Christmas decor items from the thrift store, going a few times during the summer when they were open and a few times before everything shut down in the spring. I also picked up some treasures on the day after boxing day last year, when everything Christmas related was marked down 75%. That time, I was there with an old friend who laughed about how excited I was about my finds. I can’t help it, I love vintage in general but vintage Christmas holds a special place in my heart!

I made a video in which I discuss everything including what I paid for each piece, so please check it out if you’re interested in more information (and would like to see me struggle awkwardly with a pile of wooden bead garlands).

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I’ll begin with a some seasonal linens :

There are six of these printed dinner napkins. Each corner has a different image on it.

Nice vintage tea towels that have never been used are not often found at a thrift store, in general, never mind a pure linen Christmas one from the 50s. I found the needle in the haystack!

And, I found another unused cotton tea towel. This one isn’t as old, probably from the 70s, maybe the 80s. This year, I’m using it as a small tablecloth on a side table, where it looks very nice and cheerful!

I’m not sure if these cotton clothes for washing dishes are vintage, however I am certain that I’ve never seen Christmas dish clothes before!

This cotton tablecloth, made by the company April Cornell, is in excellent condition. I don’t know how old it is but they still sell a variety of clothing and home linens today. They have a Christmas tablecloth online this season, that’s quite similar to this one, with a holly print but without the poinsettias and checked background.

I’ll be glad to hang this charming welcome sign in our front foyer, to great our guests in years to come, as we won’t be welcoming anyone to our home this year.

This group of six garlands made from wooden beads came in one grab bag.

And, this unopened vintage mylar garland was included in another grab bag, along with some other items.

These five little woven rattan baskets with ribbon and flowers were found in the summertime in the non-Christmas section of the store. I think they may have once been attached to a garland. I’ll be displaying them in a row on a window sill.

Last year my friend Julie and I discussed how neither of us had a Christmas mug. This year, I’m covered with this “still in the original box” bone china one, made by the company Lenox. (She also got some for herself and her family this year, so neither of us remains Christmas mug-less!)

I like putting small trees around our place, so am always on the lookout for tiny ornaments. These two boxes of glass figural ones fit the bill and look so cute on the little tree they’re hanging on as I type this.

I’m glad I took a moment to flip through the stack of metal trays they had on the shelf, to find this one sandwiched between newly manufactured ones.

This box of vintage cards was sealed within a plastic bag that was firmly stapled shut. When I got it home, I was delighted to find the box contained, not only some of the cards that original came in it, but also a number of two other cards. All of them were made in Toronto.

Also made in Canada were these two packages of gift-wrap boxes. They have no barcodes on them, dating them back to the late 70s early 80s.

Dang, I forgot to include these two cuties in my “official” photo shoot for this post, so here is a quick snap. They are in the video, though! They’re called Dakin Dream Pets and were made in Japan beginning in 1957. The deer looks like he’s had a few rum and eggnogs!

The mouse is actually quite rare. He came wearing a pair of little eyeglasses but they were barely hanging on. I have to glue them back so he’ll be able to read the Christmas carol book he’s holding.

The final thing I have to show you is this beautiful mid century modern tablecloth, that I found on ebay. I got it before I picked up the holly one from the thrift store, but I’m happy to have two. Our tables will be very well dressed at Christmastime!

Thank you for checking out my Christmas thrift store finds. Happy Holidays! xo loulou

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