Summer Outdoor Rustic Decorating : Thrifted Finds, Handmade and a YouTube Video!

Hello, hello! I hope you’re doing ok.

Back before we knew the virus was on its way to change our lives forever, I’d picked up a few things at the thrift stores, that I could use for an outdoorsy woodland decorating them for a summer get together with friends on our deck.

Then, once we were in lock-down, still believing that things would be back to normal by July 1st, I poked around on ebay and found a couple of other items that would suit the theme.

And, here we are, still social distancing and mask wearing, and the notion of crowding together for a celebration is a no-go. But I still had the stuff, along with a burning desire to see what it would look like, all set out. Which leads us here, all dressed up with nowhere to go, so to speak!

This time, in addition to photos and descriptions of my thrifted and ebay finds, and how they look being used in our decor, I made a YouTube video on the topic, as well.

After blogging here for nearly nine years (1,304 posts, to be exact!) I felt an urge to branch out and learn how to make videos.

With the understanding that I’m brand spanking new at this, please have a look! I plan to make more films about the same types of things I’ve written about here, so consider subscribing to my Youtube channel and clicking the bell to be notified when I have a new video up. Thank you, if you do!

And, as usual, here are photos of what I picked up, including a couple of children’s books about Canada that I ordered from Chapters, for the babies in my life.

↑ A vintage postcard from 1946 and silk scarf, found on Ebay. ↑

↑ Children’s books by Illustrator Paul Covello, found on Chapters Online.↑ Canada 123 , Canada ABC

Now for a little look at how each item looks in my “pretend we’re outside a cottage in the woods decor, for a “much desired but impossible to have” get together with friends to celebrate Canada Day!

(Details on where many of the things came from are on the video.)

↑ The “Happy Canada Day” sign is a clipping from a recent flyer from a grocery store, stuck on some card stock and framed.

The piece with the red maple leaf is something I made last year, described in this post.

The felt and cotton hearts are another DIY that I made for Valentine’s Day, described in this post. ↑

Thank you for taking a look. If you’re Canadian, Happy Canada Day to you!

xo loulou

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