Eddie is a Stoner : The Rise and Fall of a Catnip Plant


You know that good feeling you get when you give someone a gift and then you see them really enjoying it? Not just saying, ‘Thanks, it’s nice’, and then putting it away, but really getting in there and using what you’ve given them with great pleasure? This is a story of such a gift.

Back in the spring we went to Kensington Market to get the plants for our herb garden, shown (here). I saw that they had some catnip plants so I picked one up for Eddie.

It was very tiny and I wasn’t sure if it would make it, but I put it into a pot with some fresh soil and kept it up on a table, away from Eddie so it could have a chance to grow. And grow it did. Then it sprouted flower buds and bloomed.



We began to give the gift to the boy-cat, in the form of leaves we picked off and broke into pieces for him. Sometime he would gobble the leaves up, and other times he would just smell them.




Summer progressed and the plant was moved to a spot where Ed could get to it. I was prepared to have it ravaged in one afternoon, but that’s not what happened. He would sit with it and sniff it, rub against it and sometimes take a little bite. But he was surprisingly gentle with it, almost as if he knew that if he was too rough, he would kill it.







It ended up lasting, giving him pleasure and us lots of laughs, for 2 and a half months. Not bad for a $.99 investment.

But then it began looking as though it had had the biscuit.




However my friends, this turned out to be a gift that keeps on giving. Here is a recent picture of it and it looks like it is getting a second wind!


Thanks for dropping over,
xo loulou