A Little Day Drinking : Peach Bellini


When I was a kid one of my friends’ mothers used to call my friend ‘her little Peach Bellini’. I had no idea what a Peach Bellini was but was charmed by the nickname. Peach Bellini is a fun thing to say.

With peaches on the brain after Nick brought home a basket of beauties from the market last weekend, we decided to pop open the bottle of sparkling wine (Asolo Prosecco) we had chilling in the fridge and make some, outdoors on a lovely Sunday afternoon.

There are many ways of making these cocktails, but the necessary ingredients are pureed peaches and sparkling wine. Some people add sugar and some add liqueur such as Peach Schnapps or Raspberry Liqueur. We decided to keep things light and just added a bit of black current concentrate (Ribena), along with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.


We also decided to peel our peaches and ended up peeling almost the whole basket while we were at it, so we could freeze them to enjoy later in the year.


Each drink took 1/2 a peach, 1 teaspoon of black current concentrate, and a squeeze of lemon juice. We whirred that in our Magic Bullet but a blender or food processor would do the job too. Then we spooned the puree into our glasses and poured in the wine. We gave it a stir half way and topped it up with more wine.








Thank you for taking a look,
xo loulou