Favourite F-Words : Friends, Food and Funniness


Our friend Meghan organized a great get-together on Thursday evening — first we went out for drinks and dinner and then to a Second City comedy show.

She’s a student at the Second City Training Centre, currently taking a class in Stand-up performance. I can’t wait to see her do a show. You might remember this post about a story-telling gig she had last year. So, being a student at Second City, she could get a great deal on tickets to their new show, How to Kill a Comedian.

Another friend of ours, Julie, is also into comedic performance (see posts about her shows here and here), so Meghan asked me to invite her along. They had met at this get together I had for some female friends two summers ago, and have been wanting to hook up again since.

By coincidence, I met both Meghan and Julie at work. They’d both worked at the same place as I did, but during different periods, so hadn’t crossed paths there.

Meghan’s friend Pamela, (who has now become my friend too – we first met at Meghan’s show mentioned above) also came, as did Nick.

It was lovely outside so Nick and I walked over.

We met for dinner at 5:45 at a Mexican restaurant that’s just down the street from the theatre, called Milagro Cantina


The drinks, food and service were all excellent.

Meghan, Julie and Pamela all went for the jumbo Margaritas.

I chose a cocktail called Rosa Canela, that had pomegranate tequila, bourbon, red vermouth, cinnamon and agave in it, garnished with a strip of orange peel. Nick had something called an Acapulco Amanecer, which contained tequila, campari, orange bitters and orange juice.


We had some house-made tortillas and guacamole to start.






To eat, I had Shrimp Tacos (so good!), Pamela had Fish Tacos, Julie and Meghan had Ceviche, and Nick had Pulled Pork with Refried Beans.





A final member of our party was Meghan’s friend, Ryan, who joined us at the restaurant just as we were finishing up dinner because he couldn’t get away from work sooner.

Then the six of us walked over to the theatre.


Needless to say, the show was very funny. Here’s what the stage looked like.



All in all, it was one of those memorable nights that leaves you happy and glad to have good friends in your life.

Thanks for checking out what we’ve been up to. I hope there are good times going on for you too.
xo Loulou