Toronto Light Festival in The Distillery District, with Dinner, Drinks & Dessert

Hello! My friend Julie and I had an excellent Tuesday evening out this week, when we belatedly celebrated this fine lady’s birthday.

The annual Toronto Light Festival was on in The Distillery District, so we went there for dinner and a look around, followed by drinks and dessert.

I love The Distillery District, with its beautiful historic buildings, which are gorgeous all the time but particularly at night, in this dimly lit part of the city. (I previously wrote about the area in detail in this post, including some great old photographs from the days, over a hundred years ago, when it was home of the Gooderham and Worts Distillery, if you’d like to see.)

The glow of the “TO Light Fest” sculptures, created by artists from around the world, really add to the ambiance, and, although an outdoor festival in the heart of winter in a Canadian city is, undoubtedly, a chilly experience, it makes so much sense to have at this time of year, when the early sunsets allow the sculptures to be seen at their best.

And, there are plenty of wonderful restaurants, bars and shops to pop into, to warm up.

We had a delicious dinner at Mill Street Brew Pub, where they offered a special extra menu of curries, perfect for a cold winter’s night.

We both had a spicy chicken curry, Julie’s with a red sauce and mine with a peanut coconut one. Our plates were loaded but it was so good, we managed to eat it all.

Then we explored the festival. These still photographs don’t show the variety of moving aspects of the pieces, so I’ve included a little video, as well.

After our walk around, we’d made room for dessert, so went to a very pretty French bistro called Cluny, where we had a cocktail and shared a spectacular platter of sweet treats.

Toronto Light Fest will be on until March 1st, 2020. It makes for a very nice night out, so I hope you’ll go if you’re in the city.

It’s safe to say that we loved our night out in The Distillery District!

Thanks for reading. xo loulou