Cat at the Table


Eddie uncharacteristically decided to join us at the dinner table the other day. He had already eaten so was just there for the company.

He has taken to sleeping on that chair, which is usually pushed under the table. He is not really a cat who hides and we pretty well always know exactly where he is, most often in plain site not far from one of us. But before we realized this chair was his new sleeping spot (they change regularly) we spent a good half hour looking everywhere for him one evening. We called for him outside twice, thinking we might have forgotten he went out. Closets he never goes into were checked, as were the spaces under the beds.

I finally found him, fast asleep on the chair completely hidden by the tablecloth. Now we just check if there are any heavy chairs around the table when we’re looking for him.

The chair is from my childhood home and I am reminded of a time when I was about 13. Ours was a catholic home with church attendance on Sunday being a family rule. Not to be sacrilegious and to each their own, but I hated it. So one particular Sunday while the family was going out the door, I was very well hidden, laying on two of these very same chairs, tucked under the dining room table and covered by the tablecloth. I remember my family looking everywhere for me and calling out. I did finally show myself and go to church, because the alternative would have been to be grounded for a week, and no 13 year old wants that. I did get kudos from my siblings for the excellent hiding spot though.

Knowing this, you’d think I’d have known exactly where to look for Eddie when we couldn’t find him.





Here’s wishing you a great weekend,
xo loulou and eddie too