Caturday Goes to the Dogs : Puppy at the Pizza Parlour


Instead of pictures of Eddie the Cat today I thought you would like a look at this cute boy who I met the other day while I was out walking around. He was patiently waiting for his person, who was probably inside the nearby pizza place getting some dinner. I’m pretty sure he is a Bouvier, and being so means he’ll get a lot bigger.

It was funny because while I was taking these pictures a guy from inside the restaurant came right out. I assumed that this was his dog and he was checking to see if everything was ok. But it turned out that is was a fellow photo lover who could see me through the window and was curious to see what I was taking pictures of. And so he began to take some shots too. The dog didn’t seem to mind at all, with that little nub of a tail wagging away to beat the band.




Here’s hoping that you’re having a great Saturday.