Big Duck and The Two Marketeers

Hello! You might have seen or heard about the enormous rubber duck that was in Toronto’s harbour this past holiday weekend. Nick and I rode our bikes down to have a look on Sunday morning.

The six story tall spectacle and weighs in at 13 tonnes. It was quite a sight to behold! She was here for the three days of the Canada Day weekend, and now is on her way to visit other parts of the province.

Then on on Monday, I met my friend Meghan for a walk. We began by strolling around aimlessly — so many people had left the city for the long-weekend, that many of the streets were nearly deserted.

As we walked and talked, several destination options came up, including a trip over to Nathan Philip Square to check out the concerts going on there. But somehow, as though pulled by a magnet, we ended up in one of our favourite parts of the city – Kensington Market.

It turned out to be a perfect time to go, considering that it is usually jam packed on weekends. We lucked into a lovely window seat eating delicious food, faced no line-up at an ice-cream counter, and nabbed a prime tables at a very popular spot, where we had a beer. Ok, we had two beers, but once ensconced in those chairs, comfortably watching the colourful world that is Kensington Market go by, we didn’t want to leave.

↑ Hawaiian Poke Bowl at North Poke. So good! ↑


↑ Single-batch Homemade ice cream at Sweet Olenka’s. Meghan had Malted Chocolate and I had Blueberry Green Tea. It was very nice indeed. ↑

↑ A bit of vintage shopping at Courage My Love. ↑

↑ Beer by the open front window at Last Temptation. ↑

Thanks for dropping over. Happy belated Canada Day to fellow Canadians, and happy upcoming weekend to all!
xo loulou