Cranes in the City


I caught sight of some long-legged long-necked birds the other day … screech … hold it … there are no cranes in Toronto! Well, there are no crane birds in the city, but there sure are plenty of another kind of crane …. the building construction kind.

Right now, there is a building boom going on downtown, with an incredible number of condominium buildings going up.

Not everyone is a fan of so much additional housing being built all at once, as of course the thousands of people that will follow in the next few years will mean that the city will have to add the infrastructure to handle them. Nick and I have already seen a big increase in the number of people on the streets in our neighbourhood. So far, I am happy with the influx of new and interesting people but we have just touched the tip of the iceberg of what will be, so I might change my mind as time goes on.

But having people live right in the city should reduce car traffic here, which I am keen on. As it stands now we have a lot of commuters driving into the city to work. We are talking long snaking lines of bumper-to-bumper traffic filing in and out every workday. I am not a fan of that being a walker who has to manoeuvre the streets safely amongst all these cars.

However, with this post I am not passing judgement as to whether or not all the new building is a good or a bad thing for the city. I am merely saying that it is happening and showing some pictures I have taken over the past month, of just a small number of the cranes currently silhouetted in the Toronto skyline.







Here are a few more photos I’ve taken of construction related things going on around us.








I like what is going on at the site where I took this picture below. It is on King Street east of Bathurst, where the new construction is saving an old original building and incorporating it right into the plan. One of the crane pictures above are of this same site. It’s the one with the old building peaked roof.


This next shot of a huge site on Richmond Street was actually taken by a cute construction worker for me. He saw me trying to get a decent picture from outside the protective barrier, and offered to take my camera and take a photo from his side of the fence. To give you the scale of this development, if you look closely you can see some people working down there.


This is the picture that I got of the same site.


There is no doubt that times, they are a changing, in this city.

Thank you kindly for taking a look. I hope you’re having a great Thursday.
xo loulou