Tacos at El Trompo in Kensington Market


This was an afternoon outing that combined an added bonus to an errand that needed doing. The task at hand was going to the computer store (Canada Computers on College Street, west of Spadina) to pick out a new laptop for Nick. The added bonus was a walk through Kensington Market on the way, with a stop for lunch.

Knowing that the the market gets quite busy at lunchtime, especially when the weather is nice, we aimed to be there a little later in the afternoon. There were still plenty of people about to make it interesting, though. I noticed several groups of students out on school-trips, and recalled doing that very same thing as a kid. I remember our excursions to this part of Toronto to be amoungst my favourite of school outings — I used to tell myself that one day I’d live close enough to walk there, and lo and behold, I kept that promise to myself!




Nick left the choice of where to go to eat up to me. There are so many wonderful food-stands and restaurants in this part of town, that this could have been a difficult choice to make, however on that day I had no trouble deciding on our destination. I’d been craving Mexican food, and the traditionally prepared tacos at El Trompo, located at 277 Augusta Avenue, were calling my name.




↑ This woman was cutting hot peppers which had probably been just purchased down the street. One of the benefits of being a restaurant in the market is having easy access to the freshest ingredients. ↑


We ordered a couple of Coronas to sip while we looked over the menu.




They offer ten different tacos, each apparently made using authentic family recipes brought north from Mexico by the owners decades ago. There are also a wide range of other Mexican dishes available too, but we stuck with the soft-shell corn tacos.

I went with the grilled mushroom and cheese ones – Quesongo : Cuatro tacos de hongos frescos con queso – and Nick selected the pork one called Al Pastor. And, we ordered a fish taco to share.





My oh my, that was a good lunch!


↑ Continuing north to College street. ↑

Thank you for dropping over. I hope you’re having a good week so far.
xo loulou