A Sunny Sunday at the Parkdale Flea

parkdale flea market toronto queen street west

Nick and I went to the Parkdale Flea a week ago Sunday, and I took some pictures to show you. This is a market that happens at 1266 Queen Street West (on the north side, just west of Dufferin), on the second Sunday of every month during the summer -- there's one more this season, on September 10th. Also, I believe there are a couple geared towards holiday shopping in the winter as well. Their Facebook page is here, if you'd like updates.

We thought it was great. It was sized just right as not to be overwhelming, and included an impressive mix of attractive, high quality handmade, art and vintage items, offered by a group of very friendly local creators, artists and pickers.

parkdale flea monthly every second sunday 1266 queen street west toronto

I didn't get shots of all the 22 or 23 booths, as I didn't want to disrupt the goings-on, however, a lack of a picture is by no means an indication of how I felt about what the vendor had. I loved it all! So many talented people brought together like that, made the Parkdale Flea an event that I look forward to returning to.

vintage clothes and housewares booth from barbaras room at parkdale flea toronto

vintage housewares barbaras room booth parkdale flea toronto

vendor barbara at parkdale flea

↑ Barbara had some terrific vintage clothing and housewares to show. These were pieces from her personal collection, giving reason for the name of her booth, "From Barbara's Room". ↑

succulents in cute planters by snaffle and main at parkdale flea market toronto

succulent plants in cute planters by snaffle and main at parkdale flea market toronto

↑ At Snaffle and Mane, "succulents are their passion". They had brought along a creatively potted selection. ↑

handmade jewellery by keepsake studios and pouches by with a y at parkdale flea toronto

handmade jewellery by keepsake studio toronto at parkdale flea

handmade items at parkdale flea toronto

handmade pouches by with a y at parkdale flea market toronto

↑ Duo creators, Krystina of Keepsake Studio and Lynda of With a Y, showed some very nice handcrafted jewellery and expertly sewn pouches. ↑

bonnefetti artisan greeting cards and gift wrap at parkdale flea toronto

artisan greeting cards and gift wrap by bonnefetti toronto at parkdale flea

Bonnefetti Paper Studio had attractive gift wrap, greeting cards, and beautiful boxes in which to keep them. ↑

lovely drink offerred by bonnefetti stationery creators parkdale flea

at parkdale flea toronto

↑ We enjoyed the refreshing punch they were serving in their pretty booth. ↑

artist ariane bernard and her cute dog at parkdale flea toronto

↑ Artist Ariane, aka WildWitchCrafts, was helped out by an adorable assistant.↑

handmade pendents jewellery by wildwitchcrafts toronto artist at parkdale flea

↑ She was showing prints, postcards and jewellery featuring her beautiful artwork, and wonderful smelling handmade soap. ↑

glacier body care at parkdale flea handmade soaps and scrubs

↑ Jessie of Glacier Body Care had soaps, bombs, scrubs and salts, which contain no synthetic preservatives, chemicals or alcohols. ↑

reclaimed coasters and handmade soy candles by revintageto at parkdale flea makers market toronto

ReVintageTO had organic soy candles and re-purposed tile coasters. ↑

In addition to the row of booths outside, there were more inside.

parkdale flea artists makers and vintage market toronto

me and cute dog

↑ The cute dog was greeting visitors at the table behind me ... ↑

artist emily may rose parkdale flea toronto

↑ ... which was that of artist and illustrator Emily May Rose, who had a variety of pieces, many featuring her urban raccoons with attitude.

By coincidence, we'd just chased a lounging raccoon off our deck right before heading over to Parkdale, so it seemed fated that we needed some of her coasters, which were created in collaboration with another artist "Daily City Train". More on him further down. ↑

artist collaboration paintings by emily may rose turned into coasters by daily city train founds at parkdale flea toronto

↑ We love our functional art and have put them right to use. Note that the raccoons are eating Cici's pizza -- the reason I say that will be seen further down. ↑

Emily also owns the "Northern Contemporary Gallery", which we passed through in order to reach the other vendors. Pictures of the gallery and the colourful show that's currently hanging there are at the end of the post.

The building is home to many art studios, and the market booths inside were situated right in the midst of things.

parkdale flea makers artists and vintage market toronto

noble street vintage at parkdale flea toronto

Noble Street Vintage had a nice selection of clothes and accessories. ↑

moonbeam co painted procelain pins and patches artists at parkdale flea toronto

MoonBeam Co had some great hand painted porcelain pieces & pins on offer. ↑

artist kimia ghofrani illustrator designer at parkdale flea toronto

↑ Illustrator and designer, Kimia Ghofrani showed some prints of her watercolour paintings. ↑

at parkdale flea queen street west toronto

↑ Nick amoungst the goodness. I hadn't noticed until I looked at my pictures later, that I'd happened to take a shot that included a menu for Cici's Pizza, the same neighbourhood favourite that the rambunctious raccoons in Emily May's painting were eating. ↑

vintage items for sale at parkdale flea toronto

artist daily city train at work in his studio toronto parkdale flea

↑ Here is photographer and creator of coasters (including the ones we got from Emily May), Daily City Train, at work. ↑

coasters by daily city train at parkdale flea queen street west toronto

↑ Coasters featuring his photography were for sale. ↑

revamped clothing at parkdale flea toronto

Revamped Clothing had a rack of garments made from pieces of previously used clothing, in addition to these wired headbands made with re-purposed fabric. ↑

We left the way we came, by passing through Northern Contemporary Gallery, taking some time to admire the original oil paintings by Shanna Van Maurik. The show is called "Tropicana Wasteland" --- To quote the artist's instagram intro, she is a "Maker of Rainbows", ... no explanation required.

northern contemporary art gallery parkdale toronto

paintings by shanna van muriak at northern contemporary gallery toronto

The paintings are for sale and the space also has a retail section which includes products from many talented local artists and artisans. It's open Wednesday - Sunday, 11am-5pm.

me in the gallery

Thank you to you for reading and to the organizers and vendors at Parkdale Flea!
xo loulou

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2 Responses to A Sunny Sunday at the Parkdale Flea

  1. Lynn Grant -Roberts says:

    Oh my goodness, I have loved following your blog as i lived in Canada for many years and your writings take me back in such a good way ;) I have been to many places that you write about and i do get quite emotional (i arrived when i was 17 yrs and came home back to the UK when i was 35.I do miss Canada very much.
    Imagine to my surprise, when i read your blog about the Parkdale Flea that my best friend lived above the garage part many years ago it was such a pleasure to see and remember the good times we shared. I am still in contact with her,thank goodness. So please keep reporting about all the wonderful things Canada has to offer(mainly the people)
    Thanks again
    Lynn from Yorkshire

    • Loulou says:

      Hi Lynn. Thanks for the note! That is so cool that your friend lived in that building while you lived in Toronto. It’s a neat old building and such a great neighbourhood.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog from Yorkshire! Let me know if there’s a specific area or place in Toronto that you’d like me to visit and write about. I’d be happy to go take a look for you!

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