Winter Scenes in the Park : Before and After the Snow


Readers will know that I love to go to this beautiful park in our neighbourhood, called Trinity Bellwoods. But of course, everyone loves pretty parks, so I won’t go on and on about my adoration of this beautiful green space, located amidst our urban landscape.

Here are some photos I have taken recently, a set before the snow ….








… and a second set taken a week later, after the first snow fall.





I encountered an amusing situation while I was in there after it had snowed. There is an excellent tobogganing hill in this park, and I encountered a boy of about fifteen with what must have been his younger sister, of about seven, heading over there. They were fully snow-gear clad, and each pulling a sleigh. For some reason, the child was crying and calling for her mother, father and grandmother. And, with much gentleness and patience, the teenaged brother was trying to convince her to quiet down because the people she was calling couldn’t hear her. I thought maybe they had walked ahead and were somewhere out of hearing range in the park, but listening in a bit longer (I couldn’t help it), I realized the adults she wanted so badly were actually at home. It was interesting to me that she believed that just calling them would magically transport them to her side.

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xo loulou