Themed Thursday : Christmas

Hello. Hope everyone is enjoying this week before Christmas! For my ‘Themed Thursday’ post this week I’ll go for the obvious, Christmas images.

(1)(2)(3) A set of little ceramic ornaments from the 1940s.

(4) A vintage pixie and a grumpy elf! My very first purchase from Ebay ever. They came as a lot and I was really after the pixie but old grumpy elf has grown on me. He actually had the paper tag still on him when I got him, and being the extreme novice collector that I was at the time, I washed it off. I was subsequently told by a friend in the real-life (versus on-line) auction business that I shouldn’t have; that the tag adds value to the collectable. Oh well, live and learn :s

(5) Ok, by now you will have realized I have a thing for ceramic figurines. I know they are useless except to look at, but I love them. This goes back to early childhood visits to my maternal grandmother, who had littles shelves built in her bright and warm kitchen with a collection of ceramic figurines on them, which I adored. There was a bird among her collection so I have a soft spot for the birds. And I especially love cardinals. We very rarely see them here in Toronto, but they are here and I usually manage to spot a courting couple at least once a summer. <3(6) My sister is a bit of a joker. She gives me gifts sometimes because I think she wants to see the look on my face when I open them! Such was the case with these Choir Boy Candles! To this day I'm not sure if she expected me to burn them, or save them because they are vintage. I opted for the saving side, and they live year 'round in our china cabinet. To give you some scale, they are 7 inches tall.(7) A bottle brush wreath, also from the 1940s.(8) One of my vintage tea towels. Full disclosure .. this one was put out just to take the pictures and then was put back with the others in my collection. BUT, we do use vintage linen or cotton tea towels in daily life, and there is a Santa one in circulation for this time of year. However, I add them to the pile we use based on how much I like (love) the graphics! The more I love them the lower the chance they will be used.(9)(10) Some decorations in the neighbourhood.Thank you very much for taking a look at my themed images. If you have a blog I would love to have a look so please leave a link in the comments! xo loulou