Deck the Halls with Really Big Bells!

One bright and beautiful day last summer, Nick and I were on our way to Kensington Market. On the way, I spotted something put out for trash, that caught my eye. It was some sort of a large banner thing, but what drew me in were the biggest jingle bells I had ever seen that were attached to the banner. Those things were massive! Nick looked away embarrassed as I examined them and just kept walking. Since we were on the way to the market and we would be doing some shopping that would inevitably leave us each with one full bag in each hand to carry home, I made the decision to leave the banner behind, with the premise that I would grab it on the way home. If it was meant to be it was meant to be! And you know the end of the story, because behold, today I show you how I have used said big bells to decorate a cabinet. (Note that if you’ve been following along since this summer, you would already know about these bells because I wrote about them in July here.)

But making this decorating feat even better is the glass lamp globe, which I also plucked from someone’s garbage this summer! As a matter of fact, it was set out, along with three other amber globes, in a fairly busy spot. So, it being broad daylight when I spotted them, with other people around, my pride caused me to walk on by. Yes, I walked another 30 steps or so, and then turned right around, and went back to get the goods. (One of the other amber globes was used to make a Halloween display here).

There you have it .. a display made primarily of garbage and some pine cones I picked up in the park.

Have you found up any good trash lately?

xo loulou