Vintage Paper Part II : Christmas Seals and Tags

Today I am sharing photos of some of my collection of old Christmas Paper Goods. There were too many photos, so I split it into two posts. Here are some of my vintage Christmas Seals and Gift Tags. The previous post here included Christmas Cards.

Aside from gifts and treats (and ingredients to make treats) I only bought two Christmas related things this year. Yesterday I won an EBay auction for some Christmas Seals that I don’t already have. Excited to see them! I also bought a vintage scarf with holly on it, which I hope arrives before the week is out, so I can show it to you before it’s ‘past it’s Christmas due date!’

I wrote a spiel on my previous post about how my collection of Christmas paper goods came to be, which you can read here if you’d like, or you can just enjoy these photos on their own!

Thank you (as always) for your visit.
xo loulou