Christmas Eve at Our Place – 2012


My mom and dad and their cute dog Kiki came to our place for dinner and a sleep-over on Christmas Eve. We had a good time, eating plenty of Nick’s delicious cooking, exchanging presents and listening to music.

We all stayed up a bit too late, and then enjoyed a late breakfast of smoked salmon, cream-cheese and bagels, served with capers, thinly sliced red onion and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. That is my favourite sandwich ever!







They left in the early afternoon yesterday, in order to be able to drive when it was still light out. It was short and sweet but oh, so delightful, being able to host them for Christmas for a change.

The next picture shows you Eddie’s reluctance to join the group. He watched the goings on from a distance for a while and then decided that it was much too much of a good time to miss out on!

Kiki the dog was a good girl staying on her blanket when told to do so, although she was clearly wanting to be sitting on someone’s lap instead.

The serving utensils were a gift from me to Nick that I picked up on Ebay after we had our buddy Chops over for dinner recently and served the food at the table using old wooden spoons and mismatched things. (They are vintage Oneida Royal Flute stainless steel, I say to myself so I remember what they are.)






I once had a boss who would always do a fun thing at our first group meeting following the Christmas break. He would encourage us to go around the table and describe the strangest weirdest gift we had received.

In that vein I will tell you about the odd present Nick slipped into my stocking. It was a package of 40 (yes 40!) stinky scratch and sniff stickers. There are old socks and shoes, dented cans and trash bins included. Always brave enough to try anything, even my parents took a sniff and we all agreed that they did indeed smell very awful.

Nick knows that I use stickers to make greeting cards, so I think he thought I might make some cards with those. But people on the receiving end of upcoming correspondence need not worry. I will not be using them for cards!

How about you? What was the strangest gift you received this year or in previous years?

Thanks for visiting. Wishing those who celebrate a happy holiday and to those who don’t, I hope you’re enjoying the extra days off work.
xo loulou