A Day of Nature and Wellness (and Great Food!) at the Kortright EventSpace

What a terrific time we had last week, at the “Wellness Day” hosted by Peter and Paul’s! It took place at the Kortright Centre for Conservation, located in Woodbridge, just 10 minutes north of Toronto.

This was my first visit to Kortright and the spectacular beauty of this 325 hectare natural wonderland did not disappoint. Opened in 1982 and named after world-renowned outdoorsman, author and conservationist Francis Kortright, their top mission point is “To instill an awareness and appreciation of the natural world.

To complement the pristine environment, our gracious hosts, the caring and very friendly entertainment professionals at “by Peter and Paul’s“, truly went the extra mile to show their guests a good time. Their offerings and organized execution were impeccable, demonstrating how very lovely and memorable they can help make your wedding, party, event or meeting.

The weather was absolutely perfect for it! We were asked to come wearing comfortable clothing and closed trainer-type shoes, and spent the afternoon outdoors, having lunch, doing yoga, taking a guided nature walk through the forest and meadow, building a fire, and relaxing through a mediation session. We also went indoors to the auditorium for a lesson from a Health Coach. Then, in the evening, we enjoyed a feast of all kinds of delicious food and drinks, in the beautiful indoor/outdoor event spaces. Live music was performed by a talented trio from Bongo and B.

In all, it was a perfect summer day and we were thankful to have been invited.

↑ Nick and I are just starting out making videos. I took the footage and Nick compiled the minute-long film. Since I’m more used to taking photos, though, I forgot to get everything, but I think it gives a general (and fun) idea of our day at Kortright! Note : It has sound. ↑

And, now, our day in photos …

↑ A little plate of healthy goodness. The rolled wrap-sandwiches were particularly tasty, one that I tried being smoked salmon with fresh dill and the other, roasted peppers. The fresh-pressed juices were really good, too. Mine was beet, apple and ginger and Nick’s was carrot, orange, ginger and turmeric. ↑

↑ After lunch we did an “all-levels” yoga class, expertly guided by Carmelinda Dimanno and her friend. We were each given a yoga mat as a gift, to keep. It was a great experience and we have agreed that we’re going to start doing yoga regularly. At one point, during a stretch, we were told to look up at the sky and I opened my eyes to see a large iridescent dragonfly flying by. It was a magical moment. ↑

Following the yoga, we were all divided into groups of ten or so and sent on different activities. We put on a bit of bug spray that they thoughtfully provided (they had sunscreen, as well) and then went into the woods.

↑ Our mission was to build a fire using only one match, and then get it going well enough to burn through a piece of twine that was suspended above it. We were successful! ↑

↑ Then we returned to the lodge for an inspiring session with Health Coach Suzanne Forster. ↑

↑ Then we went back outside for a nature walk. It was so pretty and smelled so good out there. ↑

↑ We were given a sample of Cedar Tea, which is high in vitamin C. Our Canadian ancestors used to rely on it, as we can’t grow the usual vitamin C rich foods here. It tasted quite a bit better than I’d expected it to! ↑

The walk finished at a big field, where we spread out our yoga mats and were lead through a guided meditation by Carmelinda. It was wonderful, though, by this point I’d reached my limitation for sun exposure, so I did it under my umbrella, which worked out fine. (Not to belabour the point, but I have a diagnosed extreme sun sensitivity, like an allergy, so always have my hat and glasses handy and an umbrella in my bag, not to mention layers of sunscreen, whenever I’m out in the sun. It’s a bummer but I’ve learned to live with it.)

↑ This barn was a bird sanctuary. I didn’t get too close, but close enough to hear the charming sound of an owl hooting. (I can’t recall ever hearing one before, in real life.) ↑

↑ On the way back to the lodge, we passed this clearing in the forest that was set up for a wedding. What a pretty spot to get married! ↑

↑ Upon arrival at the outdoor gazebo, we were offered a watermelon and vodka cocktail and some hors d’oeuvre. There are garage-door type sides for the gazebo, in case of bad weather, but they were wide open on this evening. ↑

↑ Dinner was then being served in the main lodge. ↑

↑ On our way to dinner, we passed an area demonstrating how a wedding reception at Kortright EventSpace might look. There was also a display set up with examples of lovely things from by Peter and Paul’s Gifts. ↑

↑ We heading down a level (seen from the upper floor) … ↑

↑ … where there were a number of food stations set up, each with something different (and delicious) to offer. ↑

↑ There was also a bar where they were making cocktails and serving wine and soft drinks, as well as a station with coffee and tea. ↑

↑ These were just some of the desserts they had. There were also a couple more kinds of cake (at least) and a station where they were making ice-dream. I had some fruit and a piece of wonderful chocolate cake. Nick also had fruit and one of those little cups containing a lemon pudding, which he said was very good. ↑

↑ There’s a porch wrapping two sides of the lodge, which is suspended, giving you the feeling of being in a tree-house in a lush forest. ↑

It was such a good day, one that we’ll always remember. A heartfelt thanks to “by Peter and Paul’s” for inviting us to their “Wellness Day”. And, thank you, as always, for reading. Your online company is very much appreciated.

xo loulou