An X-cellent Evening at Hotel X

Follow Up : I was just watching Season 2 – Episode 9 of “Handmaid’s Tale” and saw that when the characters Mr and Mrs Waterford took a trip to Canada they went to Hotel X. There are a few scenes filmed in the beautiful lobby!


  • UPDATE : X-Nights at Hotel X are no longer happening.

One of Toronto’s newest hotels just began hosting a weekly event and my friend Julie and I got to go to the launch party.

Hotel X is located at 111 Princes’ Boulevard on the CNE grounds, just a five minute walk from the Princes’ Gates. The 27 story hotel opened last spring and is connected to a large state-of-the-art sports complex. If you’re car-free, I found getting there by TTC to be easy, as the Bathurst Streetcar has a stop nearby. Julie took an Uber and also found it no problem to find. Actually, you can’t really miss it, as it’s the only tall structure in the area.

I previously wrote about the Canadian National Exhibition in this post, and you can see this building in the first photo of that story, in the background of the midway, although, that picture was taken before the hotel was open. This annual fair, which has run for the last couple of weeks of August for 140 years, is nicknamed “The Ex”, so, I’m guessing that is partially why the hotel is called X.

↑ You can just see the hotel there, on the left-hand side, behind the pillars of the 92 year old Princes’ Gate. ↑

↑ And there it is, behind the historic Automotive Building. ↑

Before heading up to the the event, I got some shots of the stunning hotel lobby …

From there, we took the elevator up to The Falcon SkyBar, to experience the first of a weekly party called “X-Nights”, which will take place every Thursday, from 7 to 11 pm.

↑ We have falcons nesting in and flying around Toronto, (as seen in this post), so the name is fitting. ↑

Guests, both those staying at the hotel and those coming especially for this, will enjoy cocktails, snacks and a live dj. They’ll also be treated to a most spectacular view, as they will be way up high in the sky in “The Nest”, part of Hotel-X’s extensive three-level rooftop space.

The sun had already set when we arrived, so we admired the bright lights of the city under a darkened sky, through the floor-to-ceiling windows and on the several outdoor patios. While this was exhilarating to see, I imagine that, once the days get longer, being at Falcon SkyBar while the sun is setting would give the sensation of being completely enveloped within the changing light.

X-Nights will go until 11pm, so you can arrive for the sunset, stay for some dark and sparkly candlelit time, and be in bed by midnight. Perfect for a weekday night out!

Here’s a look around …

↑ For new readers (welcome!), this is me … ↑

↑ … and here is my friend Julie. ↑

Dj Carmelinda playing deep, soulful house music. ↑ 

↑ Mixologist Mark L

↑ One of several spaces up there, this one called “The Perch” ↑

↑ The pool is neat. You get into it from this enclosed area and swim under the wall to the outdoor section. It’s heated and open 365 days a year, if you dare! ↑

↑ They had a stack of soft warm blankets available for anyone wanting to take a look at the huge outdoor patio. ↑

We had a great time and were happy to have been invited. I hope you check out X-Nights at Hotel X on Thursday evenings.

Thank you for reading, xo loulou