All Aboard : Riding a Ferry Boat on Canada’s West Coast


Hi :) I would first like to welcome new readers (and of course my beloved regular visitors) and say that this is a continuation of my story about a trip to Canada’s west coast, that we took last week.

After spending a day and night in the city of Victoria (seen here) we took a bus out of the city and over to the docks where we would be boarding a ferry and going to the place that we would be spending the next several nights. Our destination was called Salt Spring Island.

I can easily count the number of times that I’ve been on a ferry like this so, unlike the majority of people there who probably take this ride regularly therefore choose to stay in their cars, I was looking forward to the novelty of the ride itself. As foot-traffic we got on the boat first and we decided to head up to the outdoor deck.

Cars and freight trucks then completely filled this area below.



The coast is dotted with many islands of varying sizes, most of which are not inhabited or if they are very sparsely so. I looked it up to see how many islands there are and wiki said there are 40,000. That means the drivers of these big ferries must be very good at their jobs, maneuvering through the straights.




I could wax poetic about the stunning beauty of the landscape surrounding us as we traveled, but I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Let’s just say that standing on the upper deck made me feel like I was immersed within a picture postcard.







Thanks for taking a look. Wishing you a great Monday.
xo loulou