Exploring St. Martin : Marigot

The beautiful colours of St. Martin continue with photos from our visit to the French city of Marigot. This time, unlike when we went to Philipsburg, we arrived in the city with an appetite, so shortly after arriving we found a cute spot with a fantastic view of the harbour to sit, eat, drink and generally soak in the ambiance. We both sat on the same side of the table so we could see the boats and watch the people walking along the boardwalk.

The restaurant we ate in is the one on the left with the beige awning in the picture below.

After lunch we took a long walk, weaving our way between all the little streets. This was indeed a city for luxury brand shopping, with gorgeous boutiques all over. However we don’t really go for that and instead chose to shop at a market filled with many stalls containing all kinds of great little treasures. (I will do a separate post to show you all that we bought while we were on the island.)

I hope the previous shot isn’t overly morbid but I thought you’d like to see the cemetery we passed on our walk. All the graves were above ground.

Nick bought his new hat in Marigot.

The bird flying in the picture below is a pelican! (We don’t have them here so I found it interesting to see them just flying around.)

We ended our visit to the city with a delicious freshly made juice at this juice stand. As I always do whenever it is an available choice, I went with the pineapple, while Nick chose Mango.

Thank you kindly for dropping over and taking a look.
xo loulou