Food Friday : Drinks in the Tropics

I was hoping to show you some of the food we ate in St. Martin for this week’s Food Friday post, but upon going through my photos, it became clear that I didn’t get any pictures of us actually consuming food … only drinks!

So while I have no pictures of what we ate, I can tell you that there was a lot of delicious fresh fish.

Our room came furnished with a little kitchenette, so a few days when we felt like eating lightly, we made snacky meals of decadent French cheeses, olives, sardines and baguettes and apricot cookies, that we ate either out on our patio or at the little round dining table in our room.

Also, our hotel included a really nice continental breakfast of fresh juice, fruit salad, croissants (including chocolate ones) and jam. And great coffee too!

On the actual day of our anniversary we had a fancy dinner out at a French restaurant, where we tried escargot. I had eaten them before but that was a first for Nick. Verdict … he could live without them! lol. They also had frogs’ legs on the menu but we passed on those. All in all, the meal was wonderful and memorable, although we didn’t leave room for creme brulee. Our loss, I am sure.

These shots were taken at dinner on our first day, at a place situated right along the beach. The venue treated us to these rum punches!

This next picture is the only one we asked someone else to take so that we would both be in it. As is always the case with that type of scenario, you have little choice about how the picture turns out. So while it’s not the best picture, I’ll include it anyway. It looks like I’m sitting in Nick’s lap, but I am not, lol.

Here is the little ice-filled bucket that they brought our beers out to us in at one spot.

These next pictures (and the first one) were taken on our very last half-day there. We had packed our suitcases, stashed them behind the desk at the hotel and gone out for a final lunch on the island. Hence the reason I am wearing a watch! We had to make sure we got back in time to catch our plane.

Cheers, and wishing you an excellent Friday and weekend to come!
xo loulou