An Outdoor Room With A View


The main purpose of travelling is usually to be out and about seeing and doing things, and your home-base-away-from-home is mostly a place to leave your stuff and to return to at night to sleep. But there are times when the place you are staying at is so lovely that you barely want to be anywhere else.

This was the case with the home in which we were being hosted while on Salt Spring Island and most particularly the outdoor deck of this home. Perched on the side of a mountain (as are many homes on this hilly island) it felt like we were living in a tree house. The greenery was so lush that we couldn’t see any of the nearby homes, although we know they were there. So it felt like we had the gorgeous view to ourselves.

Yes, we spent a good portion of our time on the island just hanging out on that deck, from enjoying our morning coffee in our pjs, to watching the colourful sunset in the evening.









And while the vantage point was spectacular, the most memorable aspect for me was the birds. I have never in my life seen so many hummingbirds and from so close. Coming in to feed on the sugar water that had been put out for them, they would hover there, right in front of our eyes, so close that I am now familiar with the whirring sound made by their rapidly moving wings.




So there were the beautiful hummies, but there was also another special bird treat to be had. On the back wall of the deck there was a nesting box for swallows, into which a mother bird had recently laid her eggs. In fact, there was talk that the eggs might actually hatch while we were there, although they didn’t. But the sight of this mother bird zooming in and out of the box all day long, and of her cute little face peeking out through the hole as she sat on her eggs, was a priceless gift of nature that I will always remember.



I have one more post about our trip out west, featuring pictures of a family gathering. Then it’s back to shots and stories about city life in Toronto.

I hope you’ve been having a good time and thanks for dropping over. And happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends.
xo loulou