Farmers’ Market Saturday in Barrie Ontario

Whenever I visit my parents in Barrie, I love to go to the Farmer’s Market that is held an easy walk from their place. While they do sell the most amazing treats and foods there, this is not really a traditional type of farmer’s market, with stall after stall of vegetables. Rather, it contains many (more interesting) tables full of wonderful hand-made things. Don’t get me wrong … I love veggies, but I love looking at pretty little art-glass earrings more!

A highlight of my recent trip was meeting a vendor named Leanne Noble, who made felted wool products. My cousin had just had a baby girl (Delilah xo) and this was a perfect opportunity to pick-up a gift. I would have wanted something made by Leanne regardless, but I was particularly drawn to the precious little shoes and was happy to have a baby to buy them for! My mother bought her the pink owl.

Another vendor was selling samosas as well as these jars of different spice combinations, which she sold along with a recipe using the spices. I bought the Dhal Masala mix, that will result in a vegetarian curried red lentil dish. Can’t wait to try it.

I also got a bar of this sublime smelling “Smoky Lavender” soap, from Beach Baby. When we got home to my parents’, I stuck it in my suitcase and when I came back later to get something, I swooned at the aroma. So, the soap is staying as-is and will be used beside my bed as a room freshener. You know that the smell of lavender promotes good sleep, so this will be my send-off to dreamland.

One thing I always get when I’m at this market is a tube of lip balm made with bees wax, by Lavender Hills Farm. I usually use Burt’s Bees, but only when I’m out of this wonderful locally-made product!

We ran into my mother’s friend while we were there, who was handing out samples of her home-made Perogies. Oh, did I mention all the mouth watering samples generously given out throughout the market?! The friend had already sold out of her goods :( so she was just happily giving out the samples she had remaining.

Then my mom bought me a gift (her birthday and I get a present! … Thanks Mom xo) It’s a cute book-marker with a little cat on it, which I will photograph for an upcoming post.

After that we hit up the friendly bread-man for some whole wheat rosemary buns, and grabbed a bag of cheese curds from another vendor. Oh, yes, and tarts. Mustn’t forget the tarts … an assortment pack of butter tarts containing 2 pecan, 2 raisin and 2 plain! Which would you go for? For me, it’s the raisin one.

That’s my mom’s hand pointing in the picture, lol. Note the sign .. it was hand embroidered and painted!

To close this post, we’ll take another look at the cute felted wool treasures, made by Leanne Noble .

Leanne Noble Etsy Shop
Beach Baby Bath and Body Website
Lavender Hills Farm Website

Mom wearing SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) hat, and a purse she got at a consignment store.