Take Tuesday : Halloween

For this week's Take Tuesday Photography Series, the theme was Halloween. Here are some shots I got around town in the past week ...

inflatable pumpkin

halloween head on spear

halloween garden

ghost in the hedge

stone lion with a mask

dry ice for sale

caution danger tape

ghost decoration

green sparkly skull

scary decoration

window decorated with corn

pumpkins on a porch

pumpkins on a stoop

jackolantern graffiti

Take Tuesday is a photography series co-hosted by Shakti and Nicole, where each week there is a different theme for your pictures.

Next week the theme will be 'Open Land'.

Thanks for dropping over and wishing you a good Halloween.
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11 Responses to Take Tuesday : Halloween

  1. This is such a great idea for Tuesday!
    These photos are great. I love seeing all the decorations. Halloween is so fun that way. =)

  2. Creepy! Those pictures are seriously scary… I always seem to gravitate towards the ‘cute’ halloween ideas rather than the scary ones. Great pictures, though!

  3. i forgot tto ask…and dont be offended if i don’t know- but are u a prof photog? Your photos are amazing. If you are, sorry I didn’t know- just wanted to say how much i love how you capture each moment. Love this halloweeny post just like yesterdays hehe. Happy halloween again! xO!

    • Loulou says:

      Hi Sooae :) I am not a professional photographer, although I have always been interested in photography and have taken a lot of courses, done plenty of personal study, and lots and lots of practice. My education is in business, which I took so that I could learn how to administer the arts, and then upon graduation, when I had to bills to pay, the arts fell to the side, as far as my career went. But taking pictures is still a great love in my life. I am so happy to have a creative outlet with photography, and so appreciate your frequent compliments on my shots.

  4. shakti says:

    So many great shots! I set out on a couple walks with the intentions of documenting the decor in the neighborhood but decided it felt to weird to take pics of people houses. How do you manage without feeling awkward, or are you super stealthy? ;)

    • Loulou says:

      Hi Shakti! Thanks. When I take pictures of people’s houses I use a combination of stealth, photography-girl geekiness, and times when nobody is at home. So far I’ve never had anyone come out of their house at the exact time that I’ve been photographing something in their yard, but if I did, I would ask them if it was ok. I do a lot of asking, for example if I’m taking a picture of a pet. One time recently I was getting some shots of a person’s flowers at the end of their walk, without noticing the man was sitting on his porch. He came right down for a chat, telling me what kind of flowers they were and how he planted them. So I actually met a friendly neighbour by taking photos.

  5. Vix says:

    There’s so scary things around your ‘hood! I’d be terrified! x

  6. Larissa says:

    Hey there! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I love yours! These pictures are great and actually the posts I looked at where so beautiful and great :)
    happy halloween to you (even though we do not celebrate Halloween in Germany ;))

  7. So cute! I love just wondering around the neighborhoods seeing all the spooky decorations! Happy Halloween to you :)
    xo Hannah

  8. Mariette says:

    Did you have a lot of Hallowe’eners call at your house! I love your pictures like always! <3

    • Loulou says:

      Hi Mariette. I’m so glad you like my pictures! No we don’t get many kids for trick or treating here. I think it’s because our neighbours don’t participate, so the kids don’t want to come down the block for only a few treats. It’s too bad because we’d love to see them, but over the years we’ve learned our lesson, after always being left with a bunch of candy at the end of the night!

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