Bird Spotting : Another New-to-Me Visitor


I can’t say if I am seeing new kinds of birds that I’ve never seen before because I have begun to look for them, or because there are more of them in the city these days. No matter, here are some pictures of another bird I have never seen before.

This tiny fellow (I think he’s a he because of his colours) dropped over to our tree a couple of weeks ago, and hung out for one afternoon, and one afternoon only. I guess he was passing through Toronto while migrating further north for the summer.



When I began trying to identify him I thought he was a chickadee, mostly because my parents used to have them in their yard further north, so I knew they were tiny like this one. But then when I looked at pictures of chickadees I saw that they all pretty well seemed to have a black cap. This one didn’t have that.

So I kept looking and happened upon a really neat site that allows you to add distinctive features of a bird you have seen and then it narrows down the options, until presumably you have identified your bird. The site is called and is found here. Using that I think I have determined that this bird is called a Flycatcher.

Does anyone know enough about birds to say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’?

Regardless of his lineage, he is pretty cute though, right?


Thanks for taking a look,
xo loulou