Who Put the Peanuts in the Park?


No doubt, this chubby squirrel I happened upon during a walk the other day was very cute. But this post is not so much about him, but rather about what he was doing and how it came to be that he was doing it.

He was in a little park I passed through, hopping about searching for just one more peanut. Shells were scattered all around in the snow, and clearly there had been a feast.







My thoughts were with the person who had put the peanuts there.

Who was this kindhearted person who had bought the nuts and then headed out to the park in the cold and snow, to leave them for the squirrels. There was nobody about when I showed up but I wonder if the mystery person had stayed around a bit to watch, enjoying the sight of the squirrels eating. Were they male or female, young or old, alone or with a friend or child? I can’t help but wonder about the identity of this animal lover who would go out of their way to make sure these wild animals were fed.

Hope you’re having a good weekend. All is well here.
xo loulou