Great Art, Food and Friends : The Paintings of Sue Tupy at C9 Gallery

at opening party for sue tupy artwork at c9 gallery toronto yorkville

I had the pleasure of attending the opening party for a new show by Canadian artist Sue Tupy, at C9 Gallery on Thursday evening.

The artist was there, so it was very exciting to meet her!

Sue Tupy lives north of Toronto, in Collingwood. She has always been immersed in art, as her father was the founder of Blue Mountain Pottery.

I grew up amidst those iconic bluegreen-black streaked pieces of pottery, as my mother is a fan and had/has a collection of them. In fact, I remember a family vacation taken when I was a child, that included a tour of the Blue Mountain factory. It's funny to think that Sue, whose beautiful paintings I enjoyed seeing last week, had very likely been there at the time.

The exhibition of new work is called "Awakening Venus : A Deconstruction of the Goddess", and is described as portraying "the individual divine spirits and moments that have touched and lifted Sue, nurturing in her a true sense of self awakening, and an epiphany of who she truly is, through a process of achieving self reconstruction through deconstruction. This exhibition puts a modern twist on the classical figure of Venus, contemporary, spontaneous, unpolished, worldly, and with audacity to share."

The gloriously colourful paintings are nicely displayed against the sleek white space at the C9 Gallery. Readers may recall that this gallery, found at 7 Sultan Street in Yorkville, is located in a notable place -- it's in one of those beloved "new construction that incorporates old original buildings", in this case, a row of treasured mid-1800s Victorian Era townhouses. You enter the gallery by slipping along a path between two of the historic buildings. (There are photos and a more detailed discussion about the site, in this post, if you'd like to see.)

Here's a look at the party and some of the excellent art ...

at gallery opening party

↑ My friends Andrea and Isabel came too. ↑

hors doeuvre food by dessert lady yorkville toronto at art gallery opening

↑ Guests were treated to delicious hors d'oeuvres created by Dessert Lady. The treats were works of art in themselves. There were rounds of cucumber with cream cheese and smoked salmon, stuffed mushroom caps, Polenta cakes with creme fraiche and fig jam (pictured), and tiny two-bite chicken-pot-pies. Yum! ↑

at an art opening c9 gallery toronto

at gallery

↑ Beauty amoungst beauty. Thank you to Rahaf and Dana for posing. The painting on the left is called "Mutual Love". ↑

at c9 art gallery toronto sue tupy paintings awakening venus exhibition


venus awakened by sue tupy on display at c9 gallery toronto

↑ Venus Awakened ↑

paintings by canadian artist sue tupy on display at c9 gallery toronto

paintings by sue tupy on display at c9 art gallery toronto yorkville

with artist and gallery manager

↑ Artist Sue Tupy, me, Gallery Manager Fifi ↑


The show is on display until December 15th. I hope you'll go and have a look.

Thanks for reading,
xo loulou
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