Crocheted Flower Brooch


I had a bit of yarn left over after crocheting this scarf earlier in the year, so I made a flower brooch with it.

In these pictures I’ve tried to show how a little accessory can bring new life to our cold-weather clothes, especially at the tail-end of winter when we are all sick and tired of wearing them. But here in Toronto we usually still need warm outerwear well into April. Even as things begin to warm up, I still like to wear a light hat, scarf and gloves, especially once the sun has gone down. And I thought a flower brooch would lighten things up a bit.




[For any crocheters out there who would like to make their own, I winged this and didn’t record what I was doing, but basically this is what I did : First make a flat circle slightly smaller than you want your finished brooch to be, using a single stitch. Then add a ruffle around the edge using a double stitch, 8 stitches + 1 chain, into every second hole. Cut yarn. Then, starting at the outside of the circle, add 2 double stitch ruffle rounds, (5 dc every second hole), cutting the yarn after each round. For the centre round, 2 dc into every second hole. Hide your ends and sew a brooch pin onto the back, slightly off centre.] Note, I did not make the hat.



Are you still wearing a hat, scarf and gloves when you go outside where you are?

Thank you kindly for taking a look.
xo loulou