Easter at Our Place – 2013


Easter weekend was a quiet one at our casa this year. In truth it is usually a quiet holiday for us.

That is why I was quite surprised when Nick brought a ham home from the grocery store. In our 14+ years together, we have never cooked ham. We don’t eat much meat but do have it every once in a while, so the surprise wasn’t in the fact that he had brought home meat, but rather in the type of meat he had brought. We had no idea how to cook it, and had to ask his mom during a skype call.

But first we should take a look at how the day began, with the exchange of chocolate and other treats. Nick is a big fan of candied ginger, which I used to buy for him at a cute candy shop near where I used to work, but since I left that job, I don’t get to the candy shop anymore. So I decided to make him some. In a nut-shell, it turned out wonderfully, but I won’t discuss it too much now, because I plan to share the details on this week’s food post on Friday.  Follow Up :  Read about the Homemade Candied Ginger here!





So since Nick was making special efforts with our meal, I decided to clear the usual stuff that magically accumulates on our dining table and set it nicely for the occasion. I happen to have quite a collection of suitable Easter table setting things, gleaned over the years mostly as gifts, which I pulled out. I also brought out our treasured extra-fragile wine glasses that my friend Paige gave us.






While dinner was cooking a bit of this happened …


We ate in the early evening by natural sunlight, which was lovely, although it was fading quickly.




Thanks for taking a look.
xo loulou