April Fool’s Cards?!


You know I try to keep things interesting around here by varying the types of posts I do from day to day. But in today’s case, it is the calendar that has made the decision for me, with April Fool’s Day following right after Easter. There is just no other day that I could show you these particular vintage cards, unless I waited a whole year to do so, and I am much too impatient for that. So here you have it … two posts showing samples from my vintage greeting card collection in a row.

And right after telling you yesterday that the Easter card I showed you (here) was very rare, I must say that same thing again about these two cards. I mean, have you ever seen an April Fools card before? I hadn’t until I spotted these on ebay, where the seller was asking only $3 for the pair, in perfect condition, unwritten in, including the original envelopes and free delivery.




Sassy little bunny!




I would estimate they come from the early 50s, and they are both made by Coutts, that was a division of Hallmark Greeting Cards here in Canada. You’ve heard that saying by Valentine’s Day naysayers, that it is a Hallmark Holiday, in that Hallmark made it up to sell more cards? Well, that’s just not true in the case of V-day, since it dates back to well before Hallmark began trying to sell greeting cards to celebrate it. But here I think we might have a true-blue Hallmark Holiday … One that didn’t take off, that is. Because really, who sends April Fool’s cards?


And even though nobody (much to Hallmark’s chagrin) wishes each other a Happy April Fool’s Day I shall do so to you. I hope your Monday is a great one, and I’d love to hear if you played any pranks or had any played on you today.

xo loulou