Easter Greetings (of the Vintage Card Variety)

Here are some photos of a rare thing.


It is a vintage Easter card that I think dates back to around 1945, making it 68 years old. The reason I am so specific on the date is that I received it with a group of old valentine cards that I bought off ebay, and which were positively determined to be on that vintage.

I told the story about those Valentines in this post. By searching the internet I was able to find out some interesting information the exact person who received them in 1945 … a girl named Dorothy, who was 12 years old at the time and living in rural Iowas, USA. I was also able to determine that Dorothy is still alive and well today, and living in California. (Ok, I couldn’t tell that she was ‘well’ via my internet gum-shoeing but I am guessing that she is.)

So this Easter card was in amongst her old valentines. It wasn’t mentioned in the listing on ebay, so was a complete surprise to find in there. And it is unsigned (as in nobody has written on it) making it more valuable in the relm of vintage paper things, keeping in mind that ‘value’ is based on the desire by collectors, and not in a monetary way. It isn’t worth a lot money-wise.

In my years of researching and collecting vintage greeting cards, I have yet to come across another sample of this style of Easter card, one made like a valentine card. Yes, I have found plenty of examples of vintage Easter greetings, dating back to the late 1800s, but they take the form of a standard postcard. Then later, the form of a regular folded card. But this die-cut style I have not seen.

It makes me curious to know if children exchanged Easter cards back then, as they did Valentines?






In closing I would like to send the message in this card out to you, my dear online friends. ‘May your Easter be as nice as you are!’

I wish you well and send grateful thanks that you visit me here.
xo loulou