Too Cute to Give the Cat?


As you know we sure love our fur-baby. So we occasionally get him presents. This story is about a couple of recent purchases for Eddie that I am thinking about keeping for myself.

I bought these items a while ago and was saving them for his Easter surprise. But when I pulled them out to give them to him, I began to wonder if they were perhaps just a bit too cute for him. Not that he doesn’t appreciate cute, but rather that if he didn’t know they were meant for him in the first place, I could keep them for myself and he wouldn’t know the difference.

First there are the toys. I found these little roly-poly chicks in the pet supply area of a store we have here called Winners. They were attached to a card and when I clipped their plastic tethers the other day, I decided that they might have been meant for me and not for Eddie at all. They’re like Weebles … they wobble but they don’t fall down.




He won’t really miss them because he has other toys. I do know he would like them though, because he is a boy who really enjoys his toys, so I am feeling a tinge of guilt.

Talking about his other toys, here are some recent shots of him playing. This macrame dangly toy is something I made for him over a year ago and it continues to get lots of action. We have it draped over the back of a chair and he just helps himself to a good time whenever he feels the urge. It has a bell on it so when he is having a go at it, we hear that ring-a-ding-dinging loud and clear. It’s frantic, wild and quite hilarious. Note that it used to have a couple of feathers on it too that have long since flown the coop.



Also hanging on a chair is this hedgehog. It and this mouse are somewhat worse for wear. So I know what would likely become of the chicks if he were to get his paws on them, as our Ed is a little rough with his toys. So for now at least, I shall be hanging onto them.

I sound like the mother of a girl I used to play with when I was little. Her mom wouldn’t let her play with her ‘good’ toys. We could just look at them longingly while they perched far from reach on the shelves in her room. I always found that to be quite weird. And now I guess I too am being weird too.



The second item that was bought for Eddie, but that I thought I would have liked for myself is this food bowl.

There is no doubt that cat needs it more than I do, because he is currently eating out of small vintage melmac bowls that are just too light. We are sick of hearing those things scrape across the room as he tries to eat from them, so agreed that a ‘real’ made-for-a-cat food bowl was in order. But why did it have to be so darn cute? Don’t you think it would make a nice catch-all for my rings and things, on my dresser?


But no, enough is enough. The food bowl has been relinquished to the cat.

And he quite likes it.

eds new food dish


After eating he hung out on the brown paper I had put down for the photo shoot, thinking that perhaps he’d be given some more.




Thank you for visiting. I hope you’re having a nice Easter Caturday. We have been having a good time, just the three of us.

xo loulou and eddie