What We Wore

It was a gorgeous day out so I decided to go bright and cheerful with the outfit today! Well, there is a good dose of black involved in what I wore, but there is also colour folks!

I got this neat vintage necklace on e-bay a couple of years ago, and though I love it, I’ve only ever worn it once. That’s because I think it should be restrung and I’m afraid it will break and I’ll be left picking little pieces of fruit up off the ground. But I decided to be careful and risk it today and it fared the outing just fine.

And though we had no cocktails, I decided to wear my huge green cocktail ring for fun. The skirt is a little trickster, having a pair of shorts sewn right in. I do not golf, but it’s actually a skirt designed for golfers! You can’t see the contrasting top stitched pockets on the full outfit photo but it’s a nice little detail. And the purse? This is one usually reserved for wear around Thanksgiving and Halloween but it fit right in with the tutti-frutti colours of today’s outfit!

We passed this charming garden gnome on our travels!

Nick has been gladly (and comfortably) wearing his boot of choice, Blundstones, throughout our slushy cold winters, but this is the first time he decided to give them a spin in the summer! For other lovers of this kind of boot, he just got an older pair re-soled, by bringing them to The Australian Boot Store on Queen Street West (where fir originally got them). It cost him a fraction of the price of a new pair and when he got them back they were all clean and polished and looked really nice. And now he can avoid the blistery breaking-in period apparently required for this kind of boots. I’ve never had any myself but am thinking that this year might be the year to get some. Have you tried Blundstone Boots?

Lou’s Necklace ring and purse: Vintage
Nick’s boots: Blundstone Chisel Toe , Watch: Bulova , Shorts: ECKO