Thrifting Finds

thrifting finds

I went on a thrifting date with my sister on Friday. We had intended to go to a few stores, but the first one we went to (Value Village) was so full of good things that we ended up calling it a day after we had finished there.

Here's what I found ...

wooden filing drawers

wooden rooster

corelle old time blue

vintage artwork

thrifted bracelet

corelle garden home plates

silver plated copper sugar

thrifted basido bag

(1) The first thing to make it into my cart was this wooden two drawer filing unit, that is in perfect condition. It will be perfect for storing my card-making supplies.

(2) This folk-aft rooster called out to me from his perch on the top of a shelf filled with various tchotskies. It is very light so is probably carved from driftwood.

(3) The 'find of the day' award goes to this 'Open Handled Creamer' by Corelle. I am a collector of Corelle dishes and this is an item I wouldn't have expected to find at a thrift store for $2.99. This style was manufactured in the mid 70s making it about 40 years old. The pattern is called Old Town Blue. We will use it to serve our homemade salad dressings at the table, with a small ladle resting nicely in the little spout. The saucer is also Corelle but not a match to the creamer, and probably much newer.

(4) My sister found this little artwork for me. I was drawn to the vintage wooden frame and the old English scene depicted.

(5) This stretchy bracelet has glass and (what I think are) brass beads. Nice and colouful, to brighten up my predominantly black wardrobe.

(6) More Corelle! These two dinner plates are not vintage, this pattern Garden Home, having been manufactured between 2001 and 2009, but I couldn't pass them by. They appear never to have been used, and are a nice addition to our other Corelle plates, of various patterns.

(7) This little silver-plated copper sugar bowl will be perfect to add to my collection of mismatched silver things to put candles in.

(8) I love a good tote-bag, and carried a small canvas one all summer last year. But put it away in the fall as the fabric was too light for the weather. So finding this leather one was a happy score. It's big enough to carry what I need, but not so large that it will become heavy.

And that's it!

If you are also a collector of Corelle, I came upon this excellent site. It has everything you'd want to know about the stuff ... Corelle Corner

Thanks for taking a look,

corelle garden home pattern
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9 Responses to Thrifting Finds

  1. dollyboy says:

    Some nice finds there!
    I went to my local Charity Shop this week and picked up a nice air-tight coffee storage jar for a mere 50p and was fingering some nice Chinesey style shirts and a velvet jacket. I went back today and got the shirts (£3 each) but alas the jacket had gone – which may be a good thing because I don’t know if or when I’d wear it. maybe it was the £5 price tag that was drawing me in…

  2. Liv+Dave= says:

    How wonderful! We did the same, it’s so much fun to discover these little treasures.

  3. Dus says:

    that wooden drawer is perfect, so dainty but practical to throw clutter in. love the roaster too, what a great thrifting day!

  4. louise says:

    That’s really pretty crockery, but the cockerel is my favourite piece. X

  5. Jenny Lee says:

    Love the finds. Would have fought you for the rooster!

  6. I’m in love with the two drawer thingy! I could use a few

  7. Nike O. says:

    One of my fav places to shop! I’m so jealous of that wooden draw… *swoon* Great finds Lady!

    Nike O.

  8. dollyboy says:

    If I’m not mistaken, the very popular wooden drawer do-dah is originally from that little known Scandinavian designer IKEA. Yesterday’s junk is tomorrow’s teasure…

  9. Shoko says:

    what great finds! i love that chicken especially :)

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