The LP Concert at The Danforth Music Hall

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This story begins back in November. We were in Quebec City for a little anniversary holiday, and I checked email and found a note from the music site Spotify, stating that an artist whose songs I listened to frequently was going to be performing in Toronto. That was singer songwriter LP.When we got home, I went over to "Rotate This" and got tickets to surprise Nick with for Christmas. The show wasn't until February, and since I'd gone so early, I happened to score tickets #1 and #2! (Tickets were also available online, so I'm pretty sure we weren't the first to get tickets in the whole city, but we got the first 2 printed ones.)
tickets for lp show in toronto christmas gift
↑ Tickets #1 and #2! ↑I knew Nick would like this gift, as we'd seen her the previous summer at the Field Trip Music Festival.I'd first heard and fallen for her music on a site that no longer exists, The Sixty One. (Anyone else remember that site? I discovered SO many new-to-me artists there, and miss it a lot).So, when I saw that LP was going to be at Field Trip last summer, I requested tickets for my birthday. Nick hadn't heard her before, but totally loved her show. He thought it was one of the best live performances he'd ever seen, and he has seen a lot of concerts.After her set, while we were listening to another artist, LP walked right by us and I got to tell her in person how terrific she was. Made my day, although I regret not asking for a selfie with her when I had the chance.(If you'd like, you can read about and see photos I took at the festival here: Field Trip 2017.)I tried picking out a few songs to recommend to you, and have had a hard time choosing. Her new album, Lost on You, is excellent from beginning to end. If I must choose though, I'd say "When We're High", "Lost on You" and "Strange". Those are links to the official videos on Youtube. While you're there, check out some of the interview videos, and see how cool she is. Or, you can listen to the whole album and some of her older material on Spotify.That's all to say that we were really looking forward to LP's show at The Danforth Music Hall, which happened last Tuesday, February 27, 2018.The show was sold out and the audience was very happy and enthusiastic. There was a lot of dancing, cheering and singing throughout. Definitely good vibes going around that evening.Here's a short compilation video that someone made, from footage taken at the show. And here's a longer one. I've watched these several times already, reliving the exhilarating experience that was the LP concert.It was crowded so it was hard to get good photos, but blurry shots are better than no shots.Opening was talented singer songwriter, Kat Cunning ...
kat cunning performing in toronto danforth music hall on tour with lp
kat cunning in toronto danforth music hall on tour with lp
Then Noah Kahan took the stage, with his band. There were several people around me singing his songs word for word, making it clear that he had fans there that had come especially to hear him ...
noah kahan and band performing in toronto touring with lp
noah kahan right with band in toronto touring with lp
↑ Noah Kahan on the right. ↑Intermission:
stage before show
↑ Anticipation ↑LP (born: Laura Pergolizzi), @Iamlpofficial) ...
Laura Pergolizzi lp singer songwriter concert toronto danforth music hall iamlp accoustic guitar
lp Laura Pergolizzi singer songwriter concert toronto danforth music hall iamlp
lp in toronto danforth music hall
lp playing ukulele toronto music hall
guitar player lp band iamlp in toronto danforth music hall
lp with guitar player danforth music hall toronto feb 2018
lp Laura Pergolizzi hitting the high note singer songwriter concert toronto danforth music hall iamlp
↑ Hitting that high note in "When We're High" ↑
lp concert in toronto
lp Laura Pergolizzi concert in toronto
It was such a good time, and now I'm sad that it's all over.Yes, I've got the downs that follow a rush, however, excellent artists keep on coming to Toronto, and I'm off later today to get tickets for three more shows coming up in the next few months. Woo-hoo, bring on the live music. I love it so much!Thank you very much for reading,xo loulou
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2 Responses to The LP Concert at The Danforth Music Hall

  1. I’m always in awe of your ability to take such gorgeous photos in low light! You are a concert photography genius. How fun to find a new group that you love, and then see them live – that’s such an incredible experience!

    • Loulou says:

      Thank you, Julie :) You make me feel confident with my picture taking skills and I love you for that (amoungst other things!)

      With all the flashing and contrasting lights usually going on at concerts, I try to anticipate the bright spots and time my shots just right. I also have to remember to stop dancing completely while I push the button! While I’m happy with the content/framing of these pictures, I wish I’d been able to get a little closer, so they’d be sharper (max telephoto with my tiny Canon Powershot just doesn’t cut it for clarity). But I’m not complaining, I’m happy with them and appreciate that you like them too.

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