Eddie and His Cat Grass

Hey, you know what? Eddie just realized he never showed you what he got for Christmas. Here are some shots of him with his extra-special cat grass planter.

We sprout the seeds by just sprinkling them over the dirt and pressing down very lightly, and then watering. Within a few day, he has a fresh crop to dig into. During the summer when the grass out in the yard is green he just eats what is out there, but we provide this wheat grass for him at other times of the year. It is good for his digestion and he really really likes it.

Here’s a shot of him just after receiving his gift. The gift was only the planter and it really wasn’t much good to him until there was grass in it. In fact, he was a bit confused at the time about the present and was much more interested in the wrapping and the ribbons.

Wishing you a great week-end.
xo loulou and eddie

ps. Please forgive me when my cat-lady tendencies begin to show! I keep thinking that it might be time to end this weekly ‘Saturday is Caturday’ series but then the boy gives me one more fun photo-op and I keep going. It’s gotten to the point that he seems to understand the camera and does his best to give me a good shot!

Below you will see links to some Caturday posts that show I do try to add some variety and have other cats and dogs up, but seriously, cats out and about who don’t know me are hard to get good pictures of. I must look a little strange sometimes, chasing after one with my camera while she/he high-tails it out of there! :)