Little Lord of the Manor and The Forsyte Saga

This chair is located in our dining room, about 2 feet from our table. Edward has taken to sitting there lately as we are eating. It’s not that he is expecting a treat to come his way because he never eats human food.

Well, that’s with the exception of the water from a can of salmon or tuna, and that only after it has sat around for at least a day. Sounds gross, but that’s how he takes his salmon water! Only after it has reached its perfect point of staleness will he slurp it down until the bowl is completely empty. Yes, this means we have a bowl of warm fish water in our kitchen for a day, but hey, the things you do for love!

The timing of his new perch and the way he looks all lordly while sitting in it, goes perfectly with a series I just finished watching this week. It is called The Forsyte Saga and I found it to be excellent. It’s funny because it has been included on our “Recommended” list on Netflix for a while, but I kept passing it by. I’m so glad I decided to give it a go because I ended up loving it. It’s a period piece based on the writing of John Galsworthy, published between 1906 and 1921. The mini-series, filmed in 2002, includes 10 episodes, each 70 minutes in length, so it was deliciously long, and took me over a month to complete. I understood why the saga ended when it did, but I really wished it went on longer. The setting and costumes are stunningly beautiful.

Wishing you the best of Caturdays! We have already been out doing a whole bunch of yard/garden trimming and tidying, and now it’s time for a cold one on the deck and some good book reading. Hope your weekend turns out to be the kind you enjoy the most.

Fondly, loulou (and Eddie too) =↑..↑=