Looking for Gold at the End of a Rainbow

It’s St. Patrick’s day today! Are you wearing green?

Today’s post is a bit of a mish-mash of holiday related things …

First, here are some shots taken this morning as Nick and I were out for a walk, bright and early. Our “main goal”was to get cat food for you-know-who and our favourite spot to get it these days is in a part of town called Liberty Village. There is a pet supply shop there where the people seem to like cats as much as they do dogs, as opposed to the shop that is closer to our home. We like to go there, plus the bonus is that getting there is a great walk through a very interesting part of the city.


Much to the chagrin of my walking partner, I took many photos along the way, which I’ll be sharing in another post.

I wore this vintage green scarf that Nick’s sister gave me, along with one to two green purses I have. I also wore a green sweater but alas, it is still so darn cold here that only the cuffs could be seen. People seemed to like the effort to wear some green because I received a lot of smiles on this journey.

While we were in Liberty Village we popped into the grocery store that is also located in this area, to shop the sales. (We always do that and thus save our money for wine, tickets to concerts and travel.)

It is the law here that all packaged food be labeled with a nutritional facts chart … I didn’t get the details, but these cakes were no exception to that rule, and I now wonder about what that label said!


I love this shot of Nick walking home in a tunnel …


These next shots were taken last Saturday. Nick was working on a school project (he is taking the final course of a computer programming degree, although he has worked in the field for a while), so I was left on my own on a unseasonably gorgeous afternoon. I decided to head north and took pictures of green details on old homes. I ended up walking for 3 hours, making my way up to Bloor Street and back down again to my Queen West neighbourhood, popping in to Honest Ed’s while I was up there. (Click that link for a post on a visit to this amazing store I took last summer). My feet hurt a bit when I got home, but I was a happy. Nick was quite impressed that I had walked that far!








In Toronto there are a bunch of parking lots that are nick-named ‘a Green P’. This sign is on Adelaide St just west of Spadina …


Finally on this ‘bit-o-this and a bit-o-that’ post, I have a few green things photographed in our home …

Our favourite kind of beer is called Steam Whistle and it is brewed just down the street at the foot of the CN tower. I plan to go take a tour of the building it is made in, because it has a very interesting story, and tons of history attached to it.


These are some of Nick’s vintage posters …


Your visit here is always appreciated. I hope you’re having (had) a good day.

We’re taking it easy, with Nick making an early dinner of ground pumpkin seeds and panko encrusted Haddock fish fillets with lemon herb sauce, served with (green!) peas and broccoli.

Coming up next week I have a post on the Kate Nash concert we went to on Friday. It was a blast and I got some great pictures!

xo loulou