Making Some Valentine Cards

diy valentines

The other day I talked about the Valentines that I sent out to our nieces and nephews (here), but there were also some adults on my mailing list. Here are some cards I made for them.

Using store bought stickers and pre-folded card stock (I bought a box of 50 of these for about $10 a while ago, that contains all kinds of patterns and envelopes.)

The pictures are pretty self explanatory ... I just cut a some ovals out of two different coloured papers, making a fancy edge on one with some special scissors I have, but you can leave the edges smooth. Then I stuck a sticker on. To make it prettier inside I made a paper liner, which I wrote on first (in case I made a mistake) and then glued in by running a strip of glue-stick along the back just below the fold.

valentine making supplies

making valentines

separate paper inside a han

handmade valentine card 1

handmade valentine card 2

For the tag, I used a plain tag (left over from making these tea-dyed tags at Christmas), stuck a sticker on and tied a ribbon bow. This tag can be used to make a card or used on a gift.

diy valentine supplies

handmade valentine using a

handmade valentine gift tag

How about you? Did you or will you be making any Valentines this year? Is this a holiday you even celebrate? We do because we like to party :) but this year we're taking it low-key with dinner at home, a bottle of bubbly and a bit of chocolate. We decided not to exchange gifts this year, rather saving our money to go out for a nice dinner sometime soon. If we're up to it we might head over to a local spot to see/hear a band we like called Magneta Lane.

Anyway, these cards are quick and easy to make, so there is still time if you need a card for someone by tomorrow!

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7 Responses to Making Some Valentine Cards

  1. louise says:

    Me and hubby are making our cards this year. I don’t usually make cards, so I’m quite looking forward to it.

  2. Vix says:

    We make each other cards every year but they definitely aren’t as professional as yours! x

    • Loulou says:

      You’re so creative that I’m sure your cards are very nice. Exchanging handmade ones every year is such a good idea. Some years we exchange handmade ones and some years not. This year I gave Nick a vintage one and he gave me a cute on (erm, with a cat on it!)

  3. Dus says:

    awesome job on these cards! you could totally have an etsy shop w/ them!

  4. Wendy says:

    Your cards are so gorgeous! You’re making me want to make cards again! xx

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