Sending Love Across the Miles : Valentines 2012

I mentioned when I packaged up some gifts to mail at Christmas, that all of the young children in our lives live very far away. This is sad because we so rarely get to see them, but fun because we can send them things in the mail.

Last week we received a package from Nick’s sister which included sweet thank you cards from two little nieces for the Christmas gifts we sent, a handmade work of art, a note and a gift card to go to the movies! Oh yes, and very importantly some school pictures and in the case of our nephew who is only 1, a picture of him being held up for the camera by my beautiful sister in law. All this elicited a warm and fuzzy feeling, for sure.

So this week I got busy on my reply, in the form of some easy little letters enclosed with Valentines. Those who have been visiting me for a while will know that I collect vintage paper goods, including some wonderful Valentines. But I didn’t want to mail any of these because they are too young yet to appreciate the vintage aspect. However, I got the pleasure of sending the little girls vintage ‘look’ valentines this year, as I found (on ebay) two copies of a reproduction valentine book that was manufactured in 2006 but include prints of valentines that were first produced in the 50s and 60s. In fact, I have some of the exact same envelopes, that you cut out and glue together, in their true vintage form in my collection.

For my cousin’s little boy, who is 5, I mailed a true vintage card which appears by the clothing the boy in the card is wearing, to have been from the 70s. How about those shoes he is wearing?! I have two copies of this one so could ‘let one go’ :) And for his newborn sister, I sent a card for Baby’s First Valentine that I had, that I believe to be from the 50s or 60s. I didn’t want to ruin them by writing inside, so I enclosed a separate note.

I just can’t bring myself to sully these rare vintage treasures by writing on them. Also, collectors of paper good will know that the value goes down significantly once they are written on. Not that I’m sending these things for the value, but still, I can’t do it. I don’t mind what they do with the cards once I send them, although I hope they keep them as bookmarks or something and don’t throw them away. If they do, I just don’t want to know about it!

These final shots are of a valentine that I made for my sweetie. I found this sheet of heart shaped stickers recently and used one of those, along with a piece of ribbon. I can’t help but love the combination of red and black together.

I plan to show you some of my vintage Valentine collection on Saturday (for Caturday), where I will select the ones that have cats on them!

Thank you kindly for dropping over.
xo loulou