Week 21 Creative Challenge : Découpage with Vintage Greeting Cards

Hi. Here’s what I made this past week for the Creative Challenge I’m doing this year.

I had these vintage get well cards with great graphics, that I didn’t see myself sending out to anyone, at least not all of them. I’ve actually had them for a few years and, touch wood, haven’t needed to mail one to anyone during that time. So, I thought I could use a couple for a craft and still have enough if I ever need to send one.

I found this 5×5 inch shadow box frame at Michaels when I was picking up some green paint. I needed the paint for another, larger project, but I figured I’d try it out on this small item first.

I took the hardware off the frame, filled the holes with wall putty stuff from my mister’s supply shelf, sanded down any roughness and then painted it. I did two coats with drying time in between.

Then, I cut two of the greeting cards because I was planning to use both sides of the frame, making a two-in-one piece which could be displayed on either side. The card with the lady wearing the bonnet had the extra bird section inside the card, which I also cut out.

I painted a thin layer of Mod Podge with Lustre Finish over the whole frame. Then, doing one side at a time, I painted a layer where the pieces of card would go. I quickly put the card piece down, and flattened it as best as I could. Then I gave the whole thing another layer of Mod Podge.

For the shadow-box side, with the extra bird, I used Mod Podge to seal the extra piece to some thin cardboard. Then I cut the cardboard, following the path of the piece of greeting card. I applied a layer of Mod Podge over the front of it . I scored and folded a tab and painted the part of the tab that would show with the green paint. Then, I glued the piece onto the frame with crafting glue.

The project didn’t turn out perfectly and there were bubbles in spots, but I tried to press them out. One side, the one with the girl and the bonnet worked better. It was a thicker card than the other one. The other one turned out ok, but you can see it’s not perfect if you really examine it closely and from an angle.

This was my first try at découpage except for a small piece I did as a child, so I’m not surprised it isn’t perfect, but it’s certainly good enough! And, it was fun to try something new.

Thanks for looking. Wishing you a good week! xo loulou