Bits and Pieces : November 2013

Hi. This is the monthly post where I put photos that I took during the month, which didn’t find a home in any other story. I try to pick only good and/or interesting shots to show. I hope you like them.

Hot Dogs for Sale


An Eye Catching Sign


An Abandoned Rose Crown


Fall Colours Captured a Little Too Late (I had spotted this was covered in bright orange leaves one day when there was no time to stop. I went back a couple of days later to take a picture but it had been very windy and most of them had blown down. As I was taking the pictures, a friendly lady stopped to tell me that I should have seen them last week.)



A Lingering Morning Glory with Heart Shaped Leaves


A Cheerful Fence Decorates Public Housing


Old and New Living Side by Side


Black and White Cafe Sign


Wild Onion Flower (Taken in the garden. The black background was a fluke.)


This house built in the late 1800s, along with the rest of those still standing on Crawford Street, were the first to be built with indoor plumbing west of what was then the city core. Crawford Street and Shaw Street running parallel to it, were developed as a distant residential subdivision. It was on the banks of a river that used to run through this part of the city that was subsequently rerouted underground. (I wrote about Garrison Creek here if you’re interested in the story. If I’m correct this same house can be seen in the background of a historic photo from around 1910 that is at the end of that post. And if you’re particularly interested in the history of this area of Toronto, there is an excellent (free) ebook all about it here. I found it to be such an interesting read.)

I wonder who lives in this house now.


Thanks for taking a look,
xo loulou