At a Friend’s Birthday Party


Our buddy Chops was honoured on Sunday evening, with a nice birthday party hosted by his lovely lady, Leslie, and his brother. I know these pictures are not so good, as the lighting wasn’t ideal for photo taking, but I feel that badly lit photos still trump ones taken with flash. Anyway, regardless of the quality of the shots I hope the love that was in that room shines through.

Chops is a fun, funny and kind person, who deserves to be celebrated. He’s also a really good drummer, who we first met through the music scene. The three of us used to be in a band together, (which we’re technically still in but currently taking a break from), so we’ve spent a lot of time in this man’s company, and we still like to hang out with him. He’s a good one!

The party was held in a dedicated section of a place called Louis Cifer Brew Works, located 417 Danforth. We took the subway and got off at Chester Station.


The servers there were really friendly and helpful in giving us a hand in deciding what to drink. I went with some Cider, made with local apples, called Pommies. In spite of the cold weather outside I was encouraged to have it served icy cold, as a slushie. Pommies actually provided the bar with the special piece of equipment used to get it that way, so how could I refuse. It was great. I enjoyed it so much that I may have had a couple more before the evening was out. I’ll be looking for this brand of cider at the liquor store for sure.

Nick started with a Rusty Nail, which contains Drambuie and Scotch. Then he switched to some craft beer from their very wide selection.


As we chatted with the other guests and the hosts, we were treated to some tasty snacks. On offer were perfect small servings of fish and chips, complete with a wedge of fresh lemon and malt vinegar on the fries. We also had some Mac and Cheese Poppers, which to quote the menu were ‘Cheddar & jack cheese, panko breaded, pickles, smoked habanero ketchup’. The third thing they brought around were pieces of bruschetta.




Oh, and the cake … check it out. Leslie had it especially made by the people at For the Love of Cake in Liberty Village. It was so cute and entirely edible. The pictures of tickets on the side of the cake represented some real life tickets to sporting events that Leslie got Chops as a gift.





Not only did the cake look great, it was quite delicious too.


We left this party quite full and very happy to have these people in our lives.


As the sign over the road on our way home says, thank you for visiting.

I hope you’re having a great Friday and that your weekend will be a good one. I’m excited to be going out for dinner and to a concert with a friend.
xo loulou