An Afternoon with Julie and Baby James


I had a great date with Julie and baby James recently. Regular readers have already met this little guy, here when he was 3 months old, here at 4 months and here at 6 months, oh, and here right before he was born.

Now he is 9 months old and is as as cute and happy as can be. He’s sitting up on his own and while I didn’t see him crawl, I’m told he’s a man on the move. He also has two tiny bottom teeth.

Julie is an excellent knitter and writes a blog on the topic, Knitted Bliss. She wanted to pick something up at a yarn shop in Kensington Market, so after meeting at my place, that’s where we headed.

This charming boutique, called Yarns Untangled and located at 89 Nassau Street, offers a wide selection of the best yarns available, with a focus on the work of several talented hand-dyers from across Canada. They also have all kinds of knitting and crocheting accessories and some great yarn inspired crockery. The visit left me wanting to get my crochet hook moving again, after putting it down for the summer.




↑ This is one of the founders of the shop, Amelia, on the right, and her friend. ↑




↑ Have toys, will travel ↑

Following that stop, we got lunch at Nu Bugel at 240 Augusta Avenue, where they hand-make bagels in their resident wood-burning oven, which a server took a picture of for me.





I went for what proved to be a delicious sandwich, the “Le Chèvre” on a sesame seed bagel, that had goat cheese, baby arugula & house jelly. Julie had the smoked chicken with baby spinach and pesto mayonnaise on an “everything” bagel. James eats small bits of solid food now, so she shared with him.



↑ See those white ties on his shorts? He thought they were something to eat and kept trying to lift them to his mouth. ↑



I’ve had several conversations lately about how nice some people are, and a fine example presented itself in the bagel shop. James’ small rubber whale dropped to the ground and rolled under the table while we were eating, and we decided to leave it there until we’d finished. About five minutes later, a kind gentleman who’d been seated deeper within the restaurant and who must have seen the whale fall, put in a real effort to pick it up for us on his way out. I thanked him for “saving the whales” and we all had a laugh.

After lunch we headed south and west, ending up in Alexandra park, where we spread a blanket out in the shade of a big tree, unpacked some toys and hung out for a while.





It was a perfect afternoon, spent with two delightful people.

Thanks for reading,
xo loulou