Late Summer Wrap Up

I can’t pretend that it’s summertime anymore, and these shots of sunshine and light clothing will look very dated in a week or two. So, in an effort to keep up, here is a “catch-up” post including several fun outings and great places I had the opportunity to get to in the past few weeks.

1) Nick’s brother came for a visit from the west coast. I was able to be the tour-guide, a role I enjoy very much. Without question, one of the places that I feel all visitors to Toronto should see is Kensington Market, so we headed there early on the Sunday of his stay.

The “early” part was due to the fact that our company was leaving later that day, but came with the added bonus of going out for breakfast.

We went to KOS Restaurant, getting a seat out on their awesome patio. It’s located just beyond what would be considered the central part of the market, so is a bit of a hidden gem, making it a good choice in a neighbourhood that tends to get very busy on the weekends. KOS has been running since 1975 and receives an excellent result on its Google Review Page, so you don’t need me to tell you it’s good, but I will anyway!

After breakfast we walked throughout the market, with a stop-in at one of Nick’s favourite shops, Carlos’ House of Spice.

With Chinatown located right beside Kensington, we went there as well.

↑ There’s the only shot I got of these two brothers together! ↑

2) My friend Leslie invited me to a fundraiser called “The Soy Boy Soiree”, which turned out to be a really fun party. The cause was Galactosemia, a rare and life-threatening genetic disorder, and although in support of a very serious topic, the event was definitely aimed at showing the attendees a very good time.

The theme was masquerade and everyone wore masks, including the waitstaff who circulated the room offering a wide-range of delicious appetizers.

There was an excellent show featuring three acts, including the very talented Colleen Costello who I captured in these pictures. (Nick got me a hoola-hoop for Christmas a few years ago, and I can barely do it, leaving me in awe of her stunning performance.)

colleen costello hoops performer at soy boy event

After the show and short speeches, we danced a lot. It was a lot of fun, with a group of very nice people!

Unfortunately, not knowing what the appropriate etiquette for picture taking and online posting was for this type of event, I didn’t take very many shots. I especially regret not getting one of Leslie and me, together in our finery. She looked gorgeous (as usual) in a sequinned fuchsia dress and peep-toe heels, and I wore the same outfit I had on in this post.

Thankfully, Leslie did think to take a selfie of the two of us …

↑ Taken by Leslie ↑

3) The Toronto International Film Festival is always an exciting time in the city. Nick and I went to King West to check out the street-fest …

Then we walked up to Queen Street West for lunch at one of our favourite restaurants, The Queen Mother Cafe. It was nice out so we joined the crowd out on the pretty back patio. We both had their excellent Veggie-Grain Burgers.

4) It’s been a busy time work-wise for my good friend Andrea, and we didn’t get to see each another very much over the summer, so she organized a lovely evening for us. We began with Sangria and snacks at her place, followed by live music and a drink at Junction City Music Hall.

↑ This lady always offers great snacks! Her extremely good-looking cat Gus was also at the get-together. (both pictures taken by A.) ↑

↑ At the bar. ↑

5) Andrea’s friend Anna invited us to her barbecue where I had the best devilled egg I’ve ever tasted! Andrea was out of town so we didn’t know anyone there except the funny, smart and charming hostess, who we’d met a few times (and very much liked when we did!). We were glad we went — we got to meet some friendly people, enjoy the beautiful day outside, and eat some really good food.

↑ There’s Anna brandishing a freshly picked zucchini. ↑

About those eggs … I had to follow-up and get the lowdown! Anna followed this recipe Kimchi Devilled Eggs from the “Food and Wine Magazine”, with the addition of a sprinkle of cut up nori on top. I’ll be making these, for sure. How about you?

Thanks for reading. Wishing you a great weekend.
xo loulou